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Moa Bird

This extinct flightless bird once lived in New Zealand. These particular bones were found at Enfield on South Island in a shallow peaty hollow where between 800 and 900 moa skeletons were discovered. Captain Hutton, director of the Canterbury Museum in New Zealand, articulated this skeleton solely of the bones of one species.

The founder of Haslemere Museum, Sir Jonathan Hutchinson, bought the moa skeleton in 1897 from Steven´s Auction Rooms in Covent Garden, London.

Moa Bird Skeleton

One of the treasures of the museum is a composite skeleton of a moa bird (Emeus crassus) collected from Enfield, New Zealand c.1891

Moa Bird Foot bones - Egg and feather
The Moa was similar to the emu or cassowary and its eggshell was about 2mm thick with a width of 14cm. It´s rare to find any moa eggshell today and extremely rare to find feathers. The feather depicted was found in a cave in New Zealand and was presented to our museum by Harry A. De Lautour Esq.