The Human History Gallery

The Human History Gallery is organised along a time-line of historic periods from Prehistoric to Victorian times and relates to both British and world history. The two well-known collections within the Human History Collection, the Ancient Egyptian Collection, which includes a 2500 year-old mummy, and the European Peasant Art Collection both feature prominently.

Special wall and free-standing cases display part of the Museum's archaeological collection, including Stone Age tools and some items from both Ancient Greek and Roman civilisations.

Displays and explanatory wall panels describe some important British periods including Roman Britain, the Saxons, Normans, Tudors, Stuarts, Georgians and Victorians. There are also displays of more general local interest such as the Wealden industries.

Look out for

  • The 2500 year old mummy, and a highly decorated Ancient Egyptian coffin top.
  • Beautifully painted household objects and intricately embroidered textiles from the European Peasant Art Collection which was the inspiration for Haslemere's own Arts & Crafts movement in the early 1900s.

Museum Gallery Plans

gallery floor plan