Museum Gardens



The Museum offers the perfect opportunity for people of all ages to relax and enjoy the quiet natural surroundings of the garden and grounds.


Beyond the lawn, a woodland boardwalk circles the wild meadow and brings you to the pond and our 18th century gazebo.

Gazebo and pond

Observation Beehive

Well into the last century the Museum has always had an beehive observatory. The original beehive locations have long gone but today in the grounds you will find a improved larger observation house. Come and see the bees behind glass as they work in the hive.

The beehive is open from June to October.

Observation Beehive

Pond Life

The museum pond is a freshwater habitat with a good variety of both native and non-native plants. The water allows many wild animals and insects to complete their life cycle.

Creatures such as frogs, dragonflies and some hoverflies have an aquatic stage and need to spend part of their life underwater. Emerging adult insects often use the pond-side vegetation as they climb out of the water and dry their wings before flying.


Plant Stall

Our plant stall offers perennials and flowering garden plants throughout the summer months.

plant stall

Garden and Grounds Map

Garden and Grounds Map