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African Lions

The African lions can be adopted for £100 for 1 year or £250 for 3 years.

African lions (Panthera Leo) inhabit grasslands and open woods. A pride can consist of up to 13 lions, usually with one adult male lion. The lionesses hunt in a pack, often targeting large animals such as wildebeest and gazelles. Long, retractable claws help the lion to grab and hold prey. The species' rough tongue helps it to peel the skin of prey animals away from flesh and flesh away from bone. Adult males typically weigh 189 kg; the heaviest male on record weighed 272 kg (Mount Kenya).

When you adopt an object your name, or the name of the person you are buying the adoption for, will appear on a notice by your chosen to object for the Adoption period. If you chose adopt an object not on display we will acknowledge the adoption on our website and also on a special display board in the Museum. Everyone who adopts an object will also receive a Certificate of Adoption and be featured in our Members Newsletter, Your adoption will help us look after your chosen object and support the work of the Museum as a whole.

To discuss Adopt an Object in more detail please telephone: 01428 642112

African Lions
African Lions