Haslemere Museum Membership

Simple guide on registering

Please ensure you are using an up to date browser or you may not be granted access in the interests of protecting your personal data. Click here for supported browsers, please do not use Internet Explorer.

Instructions on registering for a Sheep account

1. Visit Membership self-service, powered by Sheep Click here

2. Enter your email address and click 'Get Started'

  • The system will say "it looks like we have some details already in our system".
  • Then click 'Okay create my account';
    NB: If you do not get this page, please go back and enter the email address you provided to Haslemere Museum previously. If this does not work, please contact membership@haslemeremuseum.co.uk

3. You will be prompted to check your email for a 6-digit activation code

  • If it has not arrived, please check spam folders. To avoid our emails being directed to Spam, add membership@haslemeremuseum.co.uk to your trusted email contacts
  • Emails can be delayed for various reasons, so please be patient

4. Open the email to obtain your code - enter the 6-digit code into the boxes provided on the page you were on NB: It can be copied and pasted

5. Set a password

  • You will now be registered and can manage your details and membership from within this area each time you log in.

6. To manage your membership

  • Find your plan - any actions will be highlighted such as renew or if you have lapsed.
  • To add people to the membership (where this is appropriate) click manage members.