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Bellmans Valuation Day

Wednesday 3 July 2024


Join Bellmans for a Valuation Day at Haslemere Museum, a unique opportunity to discover the worth of your cherished items. The event, taking place on 3rd July from 10am to 3pm, welcomes everyone with free entry, no booking necessary. This is a chance to have your items appraised by Bellmans' knowledgeable group of specialists, each bringing their expertise in various fields to the table.

Pippa Green, Bellmans' decorative arts specialist, will provide insights into the aesthetic and historical significance of your decorative items. Julian Dineen, known for his keen eye for pictures and prints, will evaluate your artwork, offering expertise on value and rarity. Liberty King, Bellmans' jewellery specialist, will assess the sparkle and craftsmanship of your precious jewels.

Not only will Bellmans' specialists happily value your items, but they will also offer the option to take them for auction on the day, should you decide. This event promises a fascinating exploration into the value of your personal treasures, guided by the knowledge and experience of our specialists. Don't miss this opportunity to learn more about your belongings and possibly uncover hidden gems.

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