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    Children growing up in the 1940s and 1950s had far fewer toys than children do these days and spent most of their time outdoors. With little traffic on the roads they played out on the streets of their neighbourhood. For children growing up in Haslemere, a relatively rural location, children played in woods, farmland and the local recreation grounds. Children at this time were also expected to have a hobby and joining societies such as the Girl Guides or the Scouts were part and parcel of growing up.

    Track 1 Guides

    Credit line: Audrey Bayliss talks about being a member of the Haslemere Guides.


    Interviewee: I became a Guide well I suppose at eleven and there we had a special hut along the Petworth Road, it’s still there, called the Guide Hut. Nobody else used it in our day. All our things were there, our little patrol cordons, it was a wonderful place. I suppose there were about twenty of us. The Brownies met there. Two Brownie groups I think there were and from that we did all sorts of things. We could go up Tennyson’s Lane with a compass or whatever we were doing. It was our own place and we once had the idea of painting the walls with scenes of things on it but I don’t know how long that lasted. It kept us busy but I don’t know how long that lasted.